3 tips for merchants in the use of posters and banners

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Despite the advent of digital marketing, the traditional media are not retired and use banners and manifesti pubblicitari as a support for their marketing campaigns is a great way to draw attention to its own business and raised its profile.

OutsidePrint He works closely with shopkeepers, enterprises and small traders for the realization of their advertising campaigns print and printing nowadays thousands of projects has gained some experience in the field. Today we therefore suggest 3 things to do or not do when choosing banner and posters o locandine to convey an advertisement for a store.

1) Simplicity and clarity of the advertising message

it could happen, in an attempt to be original, to exaggerate and make unclear advertising message. It is important when making a advertising poster or one striscione be clear and make visible their offering!
Simple graphics in bright colors and a direct message are the main ingredients to capture the attention of passersby and are fundamental to the promotion of a shop or business.
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2) Be found by your customers

The goal of an advertising campaign for a business is to tell potential customers where to find you! Whether you are an online store or a physical store does not matter, when you design a poster or banner ad you should always bring up the address in plain sight, directions or website.
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manifesto pubblicitario online

3) A careful choice of location

The choice of where to install banners and posters is a crucial factor. The target audience of the study is important because only in this way you will discover what are the places to be covered with your advertising.
Ad esempio l’utilizzo di striscioni in TNT It could be ideal for sponsorship of sporting events that could expand the scope of your marketing campaign.

striscione per manifestazione sportiva
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