Flag Drop

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For advertising purposes in fairs, shops and shopping centers, le Flag Drop, dette anche teardrop flag, turn out to be the ideal advertising medium.bandiera a goccia o
With a broad anti-wind fabric printed in high quality molded into recognizable teardrop shape by flexible vertical rod, It is stable to the ground thanks to the water bag-based X, bag to fill with water or sand in order to ensure a grip on the ground of exception.
Cerchi altre varianti per le basi d’appoggio delle bandiere a goccia personalizzate rispetto a quella fornita?
Nel negozio online OutsidePrint you can buy a round base painted in matt black for the versions Small and Medium, chiamate Small e Medium, of the product or a base for the tire, to be inserted under the wheel of a car rather than the base to tip, excellent when you feel the need to turn the flag of 360 degrees constantly.
L’ampia gamma di Bandiere a Goccia offerte da Outside Print sono ideali da utilizzare per eventi sportivi, mostre, museums, beaches and events.
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