Exhibitors teardrop for indoor and outdoor communication

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A great advertising tool that offers good visibility, both outdoors and indoors are the teardrop flag. Grazie ai propri accessori, It is a portable communication tool and can be easily placed in different spaces and surfaces.

Thanks to its structure the teardrop flag catch the attention: the movement caused from the air provides a great visual impact and format, Available in different sizes, it is appropriate to enhance the advertising message.
The uses of the teardrop flags are the various, sono utilizzabili sia in indoor, for fairs, exhibition stand or to be used in malls and showrooms, and outside of any business, parks, squares where the advertising message is visible even from a great distance.


The stand a goccia They are characterized by a light and resistant structure formed by very flexible telescopic rod and a base for the stabilization on the ground. Thanks to the different types of support you can install drip flags on smooth surfaces, sand, snow or dirt without any difficulty, all our flag banner stands have in fact included the base of basic X support and the toilet bag, fillable with water or sand, so as to ensure greater stability.

The teardrop flags Outside print They are printed on fabric flag, polyester mesh, Mutho Valuejet machines with high quality to achieve vibrant color printing and passers, providing visibility on both sides of your custom-bearer.


Outside Print He has done flag to exhibitors of different heights, from 220cm up to 430 cm, and each exhibitor is equipped with a convenient carrying bag. It can also take several basic types of choosing from the classical base X, a round base, an air base with base to be placed under the car wheel, or a base provided with ferrule, with the swivel pin to be fixed to the ground.
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