Advertising clearly visible even at night with backlit banner Back Lit

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Today are almost endless surfaces on which to place an advertisement, walking on the street is you “affected” da immagini pubblicitarie su cartelloni, bus shelters, poster, posters…
The supports for a advertising campaign in large format They are very numerous, It is the agency's creativity to find the most suitable support according to customer and product to promote.

Definitely a very versatile solution may be to use the poster retroilluminati Back Lit, designed and built to be used as advertising banners for signs or box backlighting.
The Black Lit are made using a PVC da 330gr. soft and light. The printed film is translucent and this makes it makes the surface of the passage of light sensitive banner: so thanks to the backlighting of printing the posters become perfectly visible also during the night hours.

The use of Black Lit, grazie alla visibilità accentuata, offre un plus alle campagne pubblicitarie; It is an ideal visual support to be placed in outdoors, such as bus stops, or in interiors as stations, metro, shopping centers, able to attract more attention than traditional posters.

The printing of this particular type of banner is carried out in HD and the surface of the banner is smooth and lasting.

Make your own custom banner Back Lit

On our e-commerce perform backups custom lit banner is quick and easy. In a few clicks you can choose the size, the cutting options and upload the file with the graphics that you want to print. It may require different types of surface finish according to the requirements for mounting: sharp cut, cutting heat-sealed with slots or eyelets. Approfitta ora della promozione online.

Banner retroilluminati Back Lit

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