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Manage color in digital printing

The color management is a very delicate subject when talking about digital printing and us OutsidePrint we pay special attention.

maintain a printing result that is that it is able to meet the expectations is fundamental and able to be aligned with all the different plotter color profiles used and different types of printing types is a challenging job, constant and maximum precision.
As you can handle all this? Thanks to effective configurations the software that allow you to have the predictable color results that are as close as possible to what is the initial idea. All of these criticalities until a few years ago were resolved by means of so-called "cromalin", proofing suitable for the actual evaluation of printing colors. To date, the commonly called Support Cromalin no longer exists and has been replaced by the most modern digital printing tests, provided they have a certification of quality and reliability, usually issued by FOGRA. For this reason we recommend using the standard color profile file Fogra 39.
If you also have interest in color management in digital printing, go up and you'll find everything you need,it!


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