3 motivi per usare gli espositori roll up per la tua pubblicità

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The espositori roll up they are a valuable marketing tool for companies and businesses. I roll up very used to the events and the stands, and never go out of fashion. here 3 reasons why roll ups are useful to communicate your business.

1. Creativity

I roll up allows all the space needed to communicate in a creative and original way your messages. Thanks to a well-organized space study can switch between graphics portion and the white spaces to create the right marketing message to attract your customers. The printing on roll ups It is made of PET material back gray PVC of high quality by emphasizing the colors.
And’ You can choose different roll-up formats depending on the needs: from roll-up basic al roll-up maxi to give more room for creativity. And thanks to exhibitors as i roll-up bifacciali, your messages will be visible from different sides.

roll up creativi

2. Professionalità

The roll up is a simple and effective display, perfect to use for corporate and business presentations. I roll up with a high-quality digital printing are the right marketing support for all professional events. Of course the message be given and the choice of graphics must be well structured for the communicative purpose of your business.


3. Versatility and convenience

I roll up blinds They are composed of an aluminum base with support for the rollable printing. These displays can be used in different places and for any advertising purposes for shops, fairs, events and shopping centers. Plus the roll ups are easy to install and dismantle, but also to carry thanks to a handy bag included. They take up very little space and have very low prices. The espositori roll-up offer the proper value to bring out your business.

Espositore Roll Up Vertical

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