Today I want to talk to you about a particular product that you can find on our E-Commerce site and which could be useful for differentiating your communication.
We have often talked about signs, advertising banners and posters; in fact these are the most classic tools used by companies to signal the presence of the point of sale, of the headquarters or for promotional campaigns.
What if I told you that you have an equally valid and functional alternative.

A versatile material: the Forex

Il Forex è un PVC plastic material on which it is very simple and practical to print.
Based on the thickness of the panel, the material is very resistant and suitable for internal and external display. The chromatic effect of direct printing on Forex is basically opaque but can be easily made shiny with the application of a UV coating.
Being made of PVC, it maintains a very light weight and is easy to work with using cutting and milling tools.
Thanks to this specific quality, dunque, we can create any shape with simplicity and precision; this is how we can achieve lettere in Forex for your company.

The alternative sign with Forex letters

If you are looking for an alternative to the more classic sign, here it is.
Attraverso la press on Forex we can create practical 5mm thick letters, customized according to your needs, that can be used externally as a raised sign and internally to personalize the environment.
For the various colors available, PVC adhesive vinyl films are applied 0,07 mm carved and applied on the letter with a glossy or matte surface.
Among the standard colors available you can find black, the gray, They, the green, the Red; if you want an even more original result you can customize the color to your liking with the advice of our experts.
Unleash your creativity, make your sign unique and differentiate yourself from the competition.
I'll wait for you upstairs,,en,,,en to follow you in choosing and customizing your prints.


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