And’ came the invitation.
Next month there will be a major industry trade show; excellent opportunity to bring forward all your forces and assert your brand in front of potential buyers.
They decide willingly to accept the invitation from the organization and sign up. Then panic.
How you organize yourself? Di che materiale informativo avrai realmente bisogno?
And now parties to the attack on the Internet, invoke the omniscience of Google and look for the possible (and admit, even the impossible).
find many, lots of information, but you're more confused than before.
Ok strength and courage, we try to make order together and see the thread and sign as information material can help you to better express all the value of your brand.

1. Lo Stand; the castle of your kingdom

At a trade show you know, the stands are so many, too many, good and bad. But Imagine that you potential buyers and having to choose which to visit stand among the multitude, because, unfortunately, time is money and you can not afford to evaluate all.
Qui entra in gioco il tuo allestimento.
The first thing that begins to glimpse from afar it is the physical layout of your stand. Will this be your first real business card.
With respect I can give you some ideas on major tradeshow exhibitors can make for you to begin to focus sull'allestimento.

2. Scegli l’espositore fieristico più adatto

Per expositor It means just the physical structure that can be used as wallpaper or as dramatic support stand, as the Pop-Up Magnetic, which gives an elegant shape and the whole class stand.
If you prefer something more simple and straightforward you can opt instead for Telescopic wall banner.
Dopo aver scelto quale sarà lo sfondo del tuo stand è il momento di concentrarsi sul desk promozionale.
Per desk promozionale si intende il banchetto espositivo su cui andrai a posizionare il tuo materiale informativo e sul quale raccoglierai i tuoi nuovi contatti o firmerai le tue nuove collaborazioni, so choose carefully.
They come in many shapes and sizes and everything will depend simply on your needs.
Do not worry about its transportation, il desk promozionale è generalmente molto leggero, facilmente richiudibile e adatto ad essere montato e smontato all’evenienza.
Want something more?
Allora i Roll-Up ti saranno sicuramente d’aiuto. Posizionali ai lati estremi del tuo stand ed utilizzali per esporre i tuoi punti forti, le informazioni fondamentali e per mettere in bella vista il nome ed il logo.
We begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel?
Something you've already developed, now let's see how to make the most of the space available.

Stampa piccolo formato per gli avventori

Una volta studiato l’intero layout fisico del tuo stand possiamo passare a concentrarci sul suo contenuto.
Ecco un elenco fondamentale di materiale da stampare:

  • Volantini o Flyer: The leaflets can not miss. I piccoli fogli o cartoncini in formato A5 sono ancora oggi il miglior metodo per approcciare ad un nuovo brand.
  • Business Cards: Essential to leave your contact, mail address and phone number, potential customers and partners. In fact it is well known, at trade shows the true protagonists of the battle are the business cards.
  • Opuscoli a punto metallico: if you want to give more information about your product, service or brand brochures are definitely comfortable. Take advantage of its pages to describe what you do, how you do it and how you can help.

Now that we have the foundations and structure of your stand and information material we talk about how to design them.

3. She studied graphics and a high-quality printing

Having identified the necessary materials comes the most creative: The graphic layout, the choice of fonts and colors and printing.
Here are some key points to ponder:

  • Use the official colors of your brand to be instantly recognizable.
  • Opt for a clear font and immediately readable even from a distance.
  • Do not clog the Roll-Up or banners of written information made case, only write the key points and use the brochures to explain everything better later.
  • The card marks the goal of victory, potential customers they will receive in packs so make sure your stand out among the others; studying simple but attractive graphics, choose a particular print material, why not, an original form.

We have analyzed all that is fundamental to have to be ready at the next trade fair. Partendo dagli spunti di OutsidePrint sarai in grado di personalizzare lo stand a tuo piacimento ed ottenere grandissimi risultati sfruttando tutte le tue capacità creative.
He pulls a sigh of relief, do your tie or put a dash of mascara; The last secret ingredient for success is your smile.
Now you're ready. Good luck!


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