5 strategic positions to apply the promotional stickers

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The promotional stickers I have a beneficial marketing tool for two main reasons: the PVC adhesives are very effective for your ad campaigns, and have much lower costs than other media.

The effectiveness of the adhesive pvc for advertising also it depends on the location of application: the place where they are used promotional stickers plays a decisive role in the success of a marketing campaign.

The versatility of application of promotional stickers is surprising: gli adesivi possono comparire in luoghi insoliti e inaspettati al fine di catturare l’attenzione dei potenziali clienti.

Da sempre OutsidePrint stampa online adesivi promozionali per privati e agenzie, Today we would like to suggest 5 original ideas to place your promotional stickers.

1. In the elevator and on the lifts

The elevator is a very strategic place for ad campaigns. The adhesive pvc possono essere applicati sulle porte dell’ascensore e sulle pareti, creating a new environment certainly appreciated by potential customers.
Increased visibility you can have if promotional stickers are applied to all the lifts as chairlifts, gondolas and cable cars.

2. On revolving doors and sliding glass doors

The stickers applied on the sliding and revolving doors of malls, airports, banks, offices and hotels are attracting the attention of many people. Il messaggio sullo sticker deve però essere chiaro e visibile in modo da evitare piccoli urti indesiderati.

3. On the ceiling

Places like waiting rooms and the top of the stairs are great places to advertise. Questa posizione per gli promotional stickers è sicuramente inusuale e di grande impatto per chi lo vede, especially if it conveys an interesting and captivating message.

4. On the tables and on the counters

And’ amazing visibility that the stickers applied on the tables and on the counters of restaurants, bars and pubs but also used for exhibitions and events. Seen by many people, These supports are very strategic especially if accompanied by the use of the imagination and a direct and effective marketing message.

5. Inside of boxes and lids

This application is very unusual but strong. Try to apply your promotional stickers inside covers and pedal bins: opening customers will be pleasantly surprised. This original position accompanied by a well-structured marketing message assures you a real success for your business.

These are just some of the many places of original application. Leave room for creativity to best position your promotional stickers, just remember to inform you about permits if you want to place them in public places.
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In the most demanding promotional stickers in large quantities, the unit price of each sticker is greatly reduced!

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