Adesivi Calpestabili

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Quando si parla di adesivi per pavimenti si fa riferimento a un prodotto specifico: the calpestabil adhesivesi. Printed on vinyl PVC adhesive with rolling walkable from 125 gr resistente al camminamento e con proprietà antiscivolo.

The walk-adhesive is printed on the coil of maximum height 150 centimetri, if the print size exceeds this measure shall divide the graphics in multiple bands, proportional depending on the size, with relative overlap of a centimeter which allows easy and optimal application of the material.

Viene utilizzato come copertura e come decorazione totale e parziale di qualsiasi pavimentazione a patto che sia piana e liscia, in modo da garantire una "Taking" optimal underfloor.

ideal segnaletica orizzontale inside and outside of structures, shopping centers and locations of high traffic pedestrian, generally as arrows that may indicate an orientation path people.

Obviously it can also be used for aesthetic or artistic purposes and, thanks to the plastic coating that protects from UV rays, manages to have a long duration and facilitates installation without scratching the press with the spatula.

You also have a desire to walk without the risk of falling and you want a beautiful aesthetic, go up, stamperemo quello di cui hai bisogno.


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