Come utilizzare le cornici a scatto

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Quando abbiamo bisogno un prodotto con numerose possibilità di impiego noi di OutsidePrint we think of snap frames! That you want to call it, or "snap frame"Or in a more detailed manner snap frames aluminum, They are the ideal product to expose any print: posters, locandine, poster. Their use can be varied: promotional campaigns, cultural events and exhibitions, exhibitions or simple informative installations.
The numerous employment opportunities are the ability to change in an instant press contained within, which is always protected by a transparent film in PVC flexible and easy to replace!
These Wall snap frames I am oxidized aluminum silver and, as anticipated, They come complete with protective sheet for printing that protects against UV rays. Various sizes depending on the need to buy and use: from the greatest 100×140 cm to the smallest to’A4.


OutsidePrint if offers, with experience, professionalism and passion, As partners in advertising and communication agencies, media centers, tipografie, architecture studies, interior designer, industrial businesses and industry professionals, providing its graphic and production department, which digital printing service.
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