Fare “guerrilla” marketing con la stampa di adesivi PVC

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What to do when the budget is reduced, but there is the need for an advertising campaign and aggressive marketing?

The "guerrilla” Marketing is what he does for you! This form of marketing is characterized by a low cost achieved through the creative use of media and engaging tools and is an appropriate tool for companies that have available a limited advertising budget.

How you can make a campagna pubblicitaria like that without spending a lot? Instead of investing money, the weather, l’energia e l’immaginazione.

How can we as a OutsidePrint help? By printing your own advertising campaign with the highest quality at the best cost, thanks to digital printing, no start-up costs and limits of minimum quantities. For you different solutions of materials and uses: from PVC adhesives, one of the best tools for a campaign of "guerrilla” marketing, available in many different types, from window stickers to calpestatili adhesives, from vinyl for flat surfaces up to the more specific ones for cars and vehicles, The CAST adhesives. Certainly we can not forget all tradeshow exhibitors and those flag, i Flag.

If you do not know by whom you print your advertising of "guerilla campaign” marketing, go up OutsidePrint.com, siamo quello che cerchi!



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