Sale time: balances kit to your showcase

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As it start the summer and it's time for sales. Le vetrine iniziano a popolarsi di vetrofanie, compaiono i primi posters along the streets and it is important not to be caught unprepared.

Communicate to their customers and potential customers a promotion is really important. L’window dressing in prossimità dei saldi deve da un lato mettere in mostra l’entità del saldo, but on the other hand should not overshadow the product.

Outside Print ha realizzato uno Special balances Kit for communication of stores that includes the communication media that must not fail to attract the best customers: adesivi prespaziati, roll-up da banco and roll up basic and of course the vetrofanie!

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Sending your files to Outside Print you can customize your store with roll-up avvolgibili, adhesives and vetrofanie ready to use and easy to apply.

Only until 30 July 2016 you can buy online the SPECIAL SALE KIT with -46%, a € 78,80 instead of € 146.00.

Il kit promozionale per la tua vetrina contiene

– Adesivi Prespaziati (varie misure)
– 10 diameter adhesive window stickers 30 cm
– 2 adhesive window stickers 90×36 cm
– 2 Mini Roll-Up A3 da banco
– 1 Roll-Up Basic 80×200 cm

Tutte le grafiche con cui personalizzare il vostro kit potrete inviarle in fase di acquisto tramite il nostro sito online.



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