Manifesti per affissione

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Probably the best known type of printed advertising, the Manifesto per affissione è molto utilizzato per le campagne pubblicitarie esterne ed è il prodotto che noi di Outsideprint consigliamo quando ci viene chiesto un metodo comunicativo a basso prezzo.

Our posters are printed on anti-pulping paper, that is resistant to the weather that is to sunlight. This paper is characterized by a blue coating on the back, da cui il nome Blue Back, which serves to ensure full coverage of the underlying billboards and brings out the color characteristics of your printer.

Noi stampiamo i nostri posters in moltissime dimensioni differenti a partire dalla piccola ma molto utilizzata 70×100, the typical poster to hang on bulletin boards and on the walls until you get to those sizable, the well-known 3×2, 4×3 e 6×3 meters. Recent large format are often pannellizzati, that is printed on smaller posters, and printed with overlap, that is, an edge is left so as to allow to eliminate completely any imperfection in posting the posters, to make it easier, immediate and effective posting.

All our posters are printed in 3 different qualities, 360dpi, 720dpi and 1440 dpi, (dpi significa dots per inch, in italiano detto pixel per pollice ed è indice della precisione e qualità della stampa) with our machines of high definition Mutoh and bright colors.

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