Need an innovative way, simple but very effective at the same time to communicate your advertisement? Want to personalize your machine? adhesives Cast for Cars and Motorcycles They are perfect for you!

adhesive Vinyl CAST high deformability and free of memory, for complete or partial decorations of any vehicle, This product comes plasticizing specification for cast vinyl that gives the product great resistance and durability up to 7 year old!

Printed on the maximum height of the coil 137 centimetri, it's possible, anyhow, print adhesives also larger using the technique of overlap. Il vinyl adhesive CAST is ideal for decorating vehicles partly or for the "wrapping" full, replacing the paint.

And’ a great advertising tool, dynamic and excellent visibility, specifically designed to fit almost all forms of motor vehicles and motorcycles thanks to its characteristics and is also very resistant to weathering and UV rays.

If you need to get you advertising aggressively, dynamic and effective, the CAST stickers for cars and motorcycles I'm the one that's right for you!


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