Promote your product with a display Roll Up

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One of the most suitable communication aids for fairs or the stands is the’expositor Roll Up, it is a banner in PVC/PET mounted on a display self-winding for use both internally and externally. I banner roll up sono alti 2 meters and it can be made in different widths - 80, 85, 100 and 120 cm – a seconda delle esigenze.

This type of promotional displays It is fast and easy to assemble and therefore is widely used in all circumstances where there is a strong turnout of people like shops, fairs, showroom, city, shopping centers, gyms, sports facilities and more.

When you decide to use for their campaigns a banner roll up it is essential that this is carried out with some important technical characteristics necessary to achieve a quality product and to play its role properly:
– printing must be performed on a PVC support / PET of at least 420g so the banner remains stiff and does not bend, creating the effect of "ears" on the edges;
– the roll up to be printed with a digital printing quality;
– the banner should have a base with a roller system integrated and an upper profile with quick coupling for printing.Banner_ESPOSOTORI_ROLLUP_OK

There are different models of roll up depending on the characteristics of the place where are to be positioned and requires. Roll up monofacciale basic, roll up deluxe, roll up bifacciali, and miniroll up seat.
The difference between basic and deluxe is given by the support base, where in deluxe drip aluminum while in basic it has legs.
The exhibitors Roll Up single sided and bifacciali They differ from the ability to print both sides or less, we will use the double-sided positioning them so that the flow of people can see them from both sides, while the single-sided will be placed behind a wall.

The mini roll up instead are given to exposure on counters or in shop window.

Come si montano i Roll Up?

Il montaggio degli Exhibitors roll up è davvero semplice e basta attenersi a qualche piccolo accorgimento per non avere problemi.
First you need to carefully assemble the base, inserting well support pole poster. From basic, classic or drop you will start to roll out the poster PVC pushing it up to snap the top profile with quick release.
This type of installation is very quick and does not require more than 1-2 minutes and it can be done in crowded areas such as trade shows, supermarkets or department stores without creating inconvenience.

Buy the banner roll up online

Buy online banner roll up most suitable for your business. In our online store all roll ups are made in PVC/PET da 420g and mounted on aluminum bases read. In addition to facilitating the transportation each banner is shipped in a handy bag, compresa nel prezzo, useful for transporting even at a later time.

Buy l'Exhibitor roller roll up for your advertising it is very simple, just select model and size, and upload to the site to receive your own graphics 5 giorni il personalized advertising.

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