Choose the rigid panels for communication

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A very interesting and multifaceted communication support is the support disk, it is billboards rigid of which the plasticized vinyl in custom prints are applied.
The online catalog OutsidePrint you can find different types of advertising panel depending on your needs.

The rigid supports are customized through the hot application of a adhesive PVC monomeric printed in digital high definition.
For those who need a more durable panel to recommend external finishing with a transparent plasticized vinyl guarantees a life of up to 3 years of exposure to rain and bad weather.
Hard billboards are used in many occasions, as for example for the preparation of inner and external in shops, fairs, shopping centers or for the preparation of exhibitions and exhibitions.


Discover our types of billboards

You can choose between corrugated panel, the panel Forex, feather, plexiglass or the Dibond.

Il corrugated panel It is definitely the most economical and lightweight product, made with a honeycomb structure is an impact-resistant material, the temperatures and weather. On the panels polionda it is possible to apply the PVC printing on one side only or on both, and it is available in different thicknesses, gives 3 a 5 mm.


Il panel FOREX è un Panel PVC foam or expanded seeds, it is a plastic material suitable for both interior and exterior of which is applied to the hot press in PVC adhesive. The forex is used for the preparation of outlets, exhibition stands, photographic panels, plaques and advertising signs or exhibition stands and interior furnishings. Available from 3, 5 and 10 mm.

Il Feather panel It is a rigid multilayer panel, leggero ma allo stesso tempo rigido viene utilizzato per la realizzazione di quadri e stampe, the thickness from 10 o 20 mm makes it an interesting support for temporary quality communications.


Per chi cerca un supporto rigido di maggiore qualità è possibile scegliere tra il Dibond e il Plexglass.
Il Dibond è composto da due lamine esterne in alluminio e un nucleo centrale in polietilene nero, It is a prestigious support and durable useful for those who want a quality panel.

I rigid panels in plexglass I am a transparent and unbreakable product, soventemente are used as an alternative to glass to achieve decorative panels, plates or high-impact billboards.


Discover the online catalog OutsidePrint all the rigid panels for your communication and stampa in digitale.

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