Stampa digitale e (è) cultura!

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In order to create a different kind of exhibition you can use media digital printing. We see all the digital printing materials most used for the communication of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

To introduce the sections of an exhibition often used in large-panel, where is a brief introduction of exposure, the history and the author of the works exhibited. The panels used in the museums are of rigid media available in different materials such as forex, plexiglass e dibond. The digital printing on panels It can be realized in color, or, according to taste, on white or black background.

In an exhibition is important the presence of signs and markings to be provided to visitors. In particolrare to indicate the path to the ground using the adhesives walkable on the floor. As for the on-wall and descriptions of using the PVC wall stickers. To print text and texts are widely used for adesivi prespaziati, while adesivi per superfici piane They are ideal to decorate the panels and other rigid substrates.

Per promuovere una mostra all’esterno di un edificio si possono utilizzare tutti i print media in large format, come i cartelloni to draw the attention of passers-by on the presence and duration of exposure. For outdoor advertising are also used for PVC banners or banners micro MESH, perfect for outdoor use and to resist the weather.

for communication of an exhibition and an event you can also use the flag exhibitors like the flag and exhibitors posters for posting, printed in high resolution in the blue-back paper, according to desired formats.

Also there printing in small format It has its relevance to this type of communication. The digital printing of leaflets and flyers It is ideal to advertise the exhibitions and events in a museum. while the locandine e i folding They are perfect to introduce and illustrate the event and the exposure.

his you can find everything you need for digital printing. The online sales site you can find all the products that you need to make a successful exhibition!

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