SATIN GLASS? Effect quick and simple with the adhesive gray satin

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Once a glass calendering action was far more complicated because you had to take the job directly to the glazier, later appeared on the market some sprays that mimic the effect of sandblasting, but also in this case the work is long and complicated. The simplest solution, fast and economic use adhesives frosted glass.
L’adhesive satin gray It is applied to the glass as a normal vetrofania making the surface of opaque glass but allowing the passage of light.

What is the effect satin?

The etched glasses are used to give the effect “I do not see” to a wall or window glass.
Le films satin gray PVC simulate the effect of sandblasting glass and are used a lot in offices, doctors, waiting rooms, to ensure the privacy within certain areas.

A difference of the satin finish of the glass, the application of an adhesive allows to give the effect to only one side of the glass without having to necessarily treat spaces.

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Adhesive satin as decoration? Why not.

The window poster using vetrofanie is all the rage and so why not use the’adhesive satin gray to give a different touch to your business.

Leveraging the elegant satin effect of these films you can create images really special to give an original touch to your window without losing the brightness inside the room.

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Buy online adhesive PVC

On the site Outside Print you can buy online the adhesives glazed pvc to customize a semi-transparent frosted glass making it the cheapest and fastest way.
By loading the print file you can customize the sticker brushed through carving, classical or pre-spaced, add written, logos or images. The stickers are delivered with the tape needed to apply them “application tape”.


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