450 gr coated laminate

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esempio di striscioni realizzati con pvc da 450 gr spalmato laminato

example of banners made from pvc 450 gr coated laminate

Today we will speak of the banner 450 gr coated laminate. From chewy texture, This pvc no adhesive is ideal for small or large projects inserted inside and outside.

Printable onto one side in high definition, the maximum size for a single piece is 260×1000 cm, addition will be heat-sealed to obtain a single element with an overlap of 2 cm.

As for any other banner, you can have it in 5 different finishes: cut to live, cut to live with eyelets, reinforced heat seals on the perimeter with eyelets, and slotted on the sides or top and bottom. You can choose between two different eyelets: the traditional galvanized aluminum or polycarbonate.

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