Striscione Black Lit da 330 grams

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Questo é il magnifico effetto che la  Carta Black-Lit 170 Gr per Retroilluminabili riesce a rendere!

This is the wonderful effect that the Charter Black-Lit 170 Gr for backlighting can make!

This afternoon we will talk banners Black-Lit by 330 grams!

They are the banners of maximum size in a single print 260×1000 printed on soft material and have the distinction of being perfect to be backlit!

Perfect for advertising in various places, including cinemas, shopping centers, subway stations and so on, guarantee to the place where they are installed elegance and a more modern look compared to a traditional press, often succeeding in the task dell'attirare the attention of a potential customer!

If you also need one of these banners, Click below, You'll find everything you need to make modern and technological any place where there is a need for this type of advertising!


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