Stickers or lettering for Walls

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Questo é un ottimo modo per attirare persone ad un punto di ristoro o semplicemente per decorarlo con uno dei nostri Adesivi o Scritte per Pareti!

This is a great way to attract people to a point of comfort or simply to decorate it with one of our stickers or Lettering for Walls!

Noi di Outsideprint oggi ti proponiamo degli articolo da stampa tanto semplici quanto d’impatto e indispensabili: Adhesives or Lettering for Walls!

Printed on adhesive vinyl polymer from 100 micrometers, repositionable and suitable for application on the wall, is essential in many situations from those advertising, passando per quelle indicative ma ha soprattutto un utilizzo preponderante nell’arredamento d’interni, Failing to make a room “furnished”, original and pleasing to the eye with the benefits of both temporal nature, given the low application time, both of space, not occupying!

If this brief description you made me want to have a bell’Adhesive or Written for Walls, take a walk on our e-shop, whatever may be your request, we will settle!

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