Stickers or custom lettering for walls

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Adesivi o scritte per pareti personalizzati

This is one of the very special effects that you can get through our fantastic stickers or lettering for walls and all this with a customization to the limits of!

Today we will talk about an article in our store is very appreciated for versatility ease of application: Written for the adhesive or wall!

And’ un vinile adesivo polimerico da 100 micron riposizionabile adatto per applicazioni su muro ed è perfetto in moltissime situazioni dall’adesivo per fini estetici fino ad arrivare a delle scritte segnalatorie!

Is printed with the best printers Japanese Mutho with eco-solvent inks and allows for maximum customization, with side measures maximum 140 cm and more (with sormonto)!

If you are also interested in this particular type of adhesive, Click below, you will definitely find one that's right for you in our e-shop!



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