Adhesives for exterior

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Un piccolo esempio del funzionamento di un adesivo polimerico!

A small example of the operation of an adhesive for exterior,it!

Today we will talk about a topic that is very dear, Adhesives for outdoor!

They are printed on vinyl polymer adhesive and resistant to 100 microns for all applications on flat surfaces and slightly irregular, on windows, on metal structures smooth, on vehicle bodies, ideal and recommended for external. Is granted a period of up to 3 years combined with a plasticizing polymer!

They are perfect for all those types of advertising that need to be outside but at the same time should be long-term average! The weather does not scalfiranno the adhesive for a long time!

If you are also curious about this type of adhesive or need an external campaign, Click below, You'll find everything you need for whatever you need!


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