Adhesives for flat surfaces polymer

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esempio di applicazione all'esterno di adesivi per superfici piane

example of application of stickers for the outside flat surfaces

Are Popular, adhesives for flat surfaces polymer. On vinyl sticker 100miron, Glossy or Matte, viene effettuata una il vostro messaggio pubblicitario in alta definizione grazie alle stampanti di ultima generazione Mutho e agli inchiostri Eco Solvent. With rolling choice between glossy or matte, non obbligatoria ma consigliata per una durata maggiore, this type of vinyl is suitable for application on flat surfaces from external being very resistant to weather such as covers for the insignia, exhibition stands, events…

For the small price difference, we suggest you choose the trim squared, but if the shape of your vinyl is more erratic, you will have the opportunity to choose the shape cutting.

Go to our e-shop and try now to make an estimate of your adhesives for flat surfaces polymer.

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