prespaziati stickers

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b5ecccd2-d865-4815-91ad-cf4e32317743 (1)Present Day, After the historical and specialized articles in recent days, we will talk about a simpler but still interesting product, The stickers Prespaziati!

Printed on top adhesive vinyl Avery Dennison range and suitable for multiple uses, the carved adhesives are ideal for writings or logos to be used on any type of glass or smooth flat surface.

They are applied on glass, flat surfaces, vehicles, and more and are optimal for realizing written promotional and decorate surfaces and showcases elegantly.

Their surrender, very stylish, make them also suitable for internal use as a written indicative, numbers of hotel rooms or hotels or internal signs of buildings.

Their particularity is to be derived from direct shear on a vinyl record of a selected color, then monochrome, Following the live vector lines graphic. And’ You can then written more colors using different cuts.

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