Stickers Prespaziati for flat surfaces

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Ecco come funzionano i particolarissimi Adesivi Prespaziati per superfici piane!

Here is how the very special stickers Prespaziati for flat surfaces!

The writings are a recurring topic both on this blog and in the field of printing and in fact today we will talk about a very common adhesive but by the particular printing technique and application,,it,and cutting the desired written on this,,it,At this point, is then removed the excess vinyl and if more is added for the sole purpose protective,,it,when you'll want to apply,,it,secure it in quickly and easily on almost any smooth surface,,it!

Adhesives prespaced for flat surfaces are created by taking a vinyl adhesive previously applied on the desired color of a vinyl surface, e tagliando su questo la scritta desiderata. A questo punto viene poi rimosso il vinile in eccesso e se ne aggiunge dell’altro ai soli fini protettivi. After, quando lo si vorrà applicare, simply remove the protective film and using the kit supplied, fissarlo in maniera semplice e veloce su praticamente qualunque superficie liscia!

Clearly, the use of this type of adhesive are communicative or identifiers and are used for advertising or for giving directions!

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