Walkable embossed sticker

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esempio di adesivo calpestabile goffrato

example of walkable embossed sticker

Today we will start by telling you about the adhesive walkable embossed.

Thanks to monomeric vinyl with a special embossed film walkable from 125 gr, is resistant to the walkway can be used both inside and outside. Above the vinyl is printed with the highest quality your image, logo or message you want to communicate.

It is used for customizing or flooring surfaces, such as fairs, promotion of new products, stores, shopping centers. In fact they are a means of communication of strong visual impact and catch the eye and interest of those who will walk over.

Choosing shaped cut you can create your sticker with the most bizarre and unthinkable.

If you too want to communicate through a walkable embossed sticker, go to our e-shop and order today.

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