Adhesive Wall / Walls

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Piccolo esempio di come un adesivo Muro/parete possa essere usato per rendere una stanza viva e artistica!

Small example of how an adhesive wall / wall can be used to make a room alive and artistic!

This evening we will talk about one of the most venditi and more clearly appreciated from you who read Outsideprint, adhesives, but not generic ones but the Wall Stickers / Wall!

The vinyl polymer adhesive from 100 microns repositionable for application on the wall is a very unique and popular material because of its resistance to temperatures from - 45 ° C / up to,it + 80 °C.

Can be made in writing or print pre-spaced in HD logos or designs protected with a special clear laminate.

If you are also curious to try the stickers wall walls or simply need an advertising campaign and think that a good way to do it is with Stickers, Click below, You'll find everything you need!



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