Decorate with taste, using adhesives or written for walls!!!

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Applicazione di adesivi con scritte per pareti in camera da letto

Application of stickers with slogans for walls in the bedroom

If the arrival of the new season we had the wish to renew your environment so original, adhesives or walls are written for the right product for you. Made of vinyl polymer adhesive, you can print it out and carve the shape or written that you want.

Before you apply it on the wall you recommend to make sure that the surface on which to apply them is cleaned, smooth, flat, dry, homogeneous and if there are any holes or cracks, better fill!! Do not worry if you have realized that by applying it in that position you do not like, you can safely remove it and replace it.

If you also want to decorate in a creative your environment, choose the stickers or written for walls on our e-shop!

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