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This is the peculiar appearance of a Flag Flag System! Elegant and simple!

It takes up little space but offers a large exhibition area, is portable and is versatile enough to be ideal in virtually any situation! What are we talking? Clearly the Flags!

We Outsideprint will offer two different types of which will list the features below!

Il Flag System, portabanner a colonna per l’esposizione di bandiere all’esterno, consisting of a rigid rod in aluminum and of a flexible fiberglass with fixing the image to the base of the vertical hook chain. The substrates to support it are of different types, from the classic support for internal and external X to a round base matt black, support Matte Black, one to be screwed to the ground and one to be fixed under the wheel of a car!

The second succession but not least is the Flag 5 Mt – 7 Mt, un classico portabandiere rettangolare disponibile da 5 o 7 metri con sostegno a terra composto da un sistema di taniche facilmente riempibili con acqua o sabbia per assicurare il giusto contrappeso e con la possibilità di montare due bandiere contrapposte!

What aspects? Passes on our e-shop, surely we can print Flags perfect for you!


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