Business card

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esempio di biglietto da visita personalizzato

example of a custom business card

A classic that never sets, he is, business card.

Card, tipicamente in cartoncino, shows the personal data of a person or company, with their identifying logo.

From the generally rectangular shape, we at outsideprint we propose two standard sizes: 9×5 cm – 8,5×5 cm, There remains, however, nothing to realize different formats, just send us an email or call us and we will give you a quote based on your needs.

Printed on glossy paper white smooth (200 and 300gr) or paper prodesign uncoated smooth white (200 and 300 gr) will have a professional touch and elegant.

The press, made with highly professional machines, allow your image to have a unique and distinctive sign.

If you still do not have a business card staff, go to our e-shop and make the purchase!

OutsidePrint if offers, with experience, professionalism and passion, As partners in advertising and communication agencies, media centers, tipografie, architecture studies, interior designer, industrial businesses and industry professionals, providing its graphic and production department, which digital printing service.