Black paper-Lit 170 Gr for backlighting

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Questo é il magnifico effetto che la  Carta Black-Lit 170 Gr per Retroilluminabili riesce a rendere!

This is the wonderful effect that the Charter Black-Lit 170 Gr for backlighting can make!

Today we will talk about a very particular that we at Outsideprint paper add two virtually unique features!

And’ Carta Black Bed 170 Gr for backlighting, printed with industrial quality with Eco-solvent inks, ideal to fit in prestigious advertising systems that are in Airports, Subways, Train stations and in any other place where there is need for a sleek design combined with advertising impact!

The special features that we at Outsideprint add to this already wonderful product is the maximum size of 3 meters for 2 in a single piece of Black-Lit paper thanks to a Swiss paper mill and with the addition of the lamination we obtain greater strength and a better color rendering!

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