What is the difference between the TNT lacquered and other banners?

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transenna con appeso uno striscione in tnt laccato

transenna hung a banner in tnt lacquered

There will certainly happened to go to a sporting event: a marathon, a stage of the Tour of Italy which passed right by your city, a football match or just a beach volleyball tournament with friends. You may have noticed that around you there was nothing but colorful banners that sponsoring companies or various products.. All banners are made of lacquered tnt.

But what is the difference from the other banners?

Basically it is the material. Tnt, non-woven fabric as the word itself looks like a light canvas polyester fiber, the duration of resistance much narrower than pvc. Indeed sporting events usually end within a week or even in a couple of days. Consequently also the price of the material is less than pvc.

This type of fabric is heat sealable, so you have to stay within certain measures offered by the supplier, while the pvc, being heat-sealable it is possible to achieve any kind of size. We outsideprint we offer a maximum size of 150 cm 1000 cm, but taking into consideration that the measure more request, is a maximum height of 50/80 cm as they usually are hung in road barriers.

We hope you have some idea a bit 'clearer tnt lacquered and we are waiting on our e-shop!

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