Frames sided easel (a-board)

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esempio un espositore con due cornici a cavalletto bifacciale (a-board) con stampa

example, a display with two frames to double sided easel (a-board) with printing

If you need an exhibitor, reduced by the measures, easy to move and store, frames gantry bifacial (on board) have the right product for you.

With a type of quick and simple system, the snap fastening, allows you to change every time you want your print, without having to rearrange the support.

Consisting of two frames, one o'clock against each other, are fixed on two painted metal structures that rest on the ground and joined together in the upper part of the hinges.

Both the frames are equipped with a protective sheet for the prints so as to be able to position your display both inside and outside, without fear of exposure to the elements of your advertising.

The stand has been ordered for three different print sizes: 50×70 70×100 and 100×140.

If the frames gantry bifacial (on board) are the exhibitor you were looking for, go immediately to our e-shop and do not forget to add to order even the press (not included)!

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