Wall frames (snap frame)

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esempio di uno dei tanti utilizzi delle cornici a muro a scatto (snap frame)

example of one of the many uses of the wall frames snap (snap frame)

Did we mention several exhibitors, but not of the wall frames (snap frame).

In the market if they can be found in different materials, ma noi di outsideprint vi proponiamo un materiale più elegante e ricercato. Con telaio in alluminio ossidato argentato con una chiusura a scatto, comes standard with protective film for your printing, you can expose your advertising without fear that the time will wear out.

Especially convenient for those looking for a versatile stand, and not particularly expensive for their advertising or business documents, consider, for example, the map of the evacuation plan within a company, a poster of a play, products treated ...

If weights that may be of interest to you of wall frames (snap frame) go to our e-shop and see the price according to the measures that you need!!!

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