Walkable stickers

The Covid-19 emergency, and the consequent closure of production activities and public businesses, has led companies to face many problems.

To prevent infection and limit the spread of the virus, the Ministry of Health expected some sanitation standards to be observed, also and above all, within companies.

In this article we will see what these measures are and what measures can be taken to be able to reopen the activities.

What are the measures envisaged to limit the infection in the company?

The Ministry of Health recommends to:

  • make available to workers and visitors hydroalcoholic solutions for hand washing at the entrance of the departments and offices
  • maintain the interpersonal distance security of at least one meter
  • use mask and gloves
  • avoid the promiscuous use of bottles and glasses
  • often clean surfaces with disinfectants chlorine or alcohol based

To follow these provisions it will be necessary to equip yourself, in order to guarantee the safety of its collaborators in anticipation of the reopening.

Le soluzioni anti covid-19 offerte su outsideprint.com

To meet your needs as a person and as an entrepreneur, we thought of converting part of our production into prevention tools, which will henceforth be fundamental for the restart of all our companies.

Let's see them together.

  1. Protective screen

Also called a screen, the 5mm plexiglass protective screen is essential for all those who will have to work in contact with the public or with other collaborators.

Infatti, being a bench divider, it can be applied on desks or on pharmacy counters, negozi, medical offices and reception.

Two models are available for the protective screen: the basic model and the deluxe model.

Both models are extremely protective and disinfectable, while the deluxe model has the additional protection of side sluice gates.

For the personalization of your product you can request the application of your company logo.

If you need a more opaque screen that can adapt to larger spaces, it is available maxi protective screen.

  1. Parasputi showcase

If your business is about administering food, as a bar, ristoranti, confectioneries, the ideal solution could be one parasputi showcase.

The draft shield is entirely produced in plexiglass, disinfectable and in line with haccp prescriptions.

  1. Dispenser holder column

To allow placement of gel or alcoholic disinfectant solutions within its offices, shops or production departments, la dispenser holder column it is a comfortable solution, neat and compatible with any type or brand of dispenser.

The structure consists of a base of 30×30 cm for one’ height of 130cm, entirely in transparent plexiglass 4mm.

  1. Parafiato visor

The Visor Parafiato o Protective visor it is made of plexiglass 1 mm thermoformed hot 22cm long, complete with front support element in neoprene, and adjustable elastic strap.

The visor acts as a shield protecting the wearer's face from saliva, droplets, dust and particles, in addition to the surgical template. It can be comfortably disinfected with soap and water.

  1. Walkable stickers

The printing of walkable stickers is made with monomeric PVC adhesive with walkable lamination of 125gr.

This particular lamination allows a perfect non-slip effect and long wear resistance.

The use of walkable adhesives is recommended in all those places that require important social distancing measures such as supermarkets, pharmacies or medical offices.

How can we help you?

These are the solutions that we have thought of proposing to our customers to comply with sanitation standards in anticipation of post-emergency reopening.

To meet your needs, we guarantee assistance with requesting information, product customization and shipping methods.

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