FLAG in Various Sizes

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88258ebb-ba92-4b84-9b60-3c1660ecfe8bToday we will discuss custom flags, calls in technical jargon FLAG and the various models we have available.

Mainly the models available are two: banners with ground support available in sizes 3, 5 and 7 metri perfette per qualsiasi uso pubblicitario e da esposizione: negozi, fairs, shopping centers, events, concessionarie e molto altro.

instead produced more special is the Car FLAG, bandiera con sostegno posizionabile sotto il pneumatico di un automobile, ideal for all situations where it is necessary in addition to quality also the convenience of a product that does not need a water-filled base or sand.

Se sei interessato nell’acquisto delle nostre bandiere, click THAT, You find out everything you want to know about FLAG by 3, 5 o 7 meters and the Car FLAG.

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