3 ideas to use wall stickers in the office and in the company

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The Wall Stickers They are increasingly being used in office e in company to decorate walls in a simple and economical but with a visual impact of great effect.
The uses are varied, In this article we propose three ideas that you can use directly in your workspaces.

1 - Vertical signs

One of the most common uses you can make of wall stickers It is to use them as road signs within company premises and in the office.
You can create images for ad hoc report and customize the various areas of an office such as the meeting room, the area for the break or warehouse.
Whether it signals more traditional or more creative images through the use of the adhesive wall you can get a visual effect of greater impact than a common sign. Alternatively the adhesive mural another valid support in these cases may be the vetrofania o ladhesive satin, ideal if you have to put signs on glass doors or glass partition between one room and the other.

adesivo murale in ufficio

The adhesive wall used in the company as road signs

2 – Brand identity

When you are talking about brand identity we want the brand to be immediately perceived by the public and that is why the media on which decline it are manifold. Why not use so even the walls of the corporate office to establish its brand in a robust?

adesivo da parete con logo azienda

Branded your workspaces: logo in large format made of PVC adhesive is an economical solution, easy to apply and impactful.

3 – Interior decoration

We can use the stickers in PVC as pure decorative element and in this case there are really no limits to creativity. Look for example how you have customized this dining area in this office or waiting room.

adesivo a parete decorativo

Decorate with stickers spaces common meeting in the office will make it more pleasant breaks!

Adesivi in PVC per decorare pareti uffici

Using pvc stickers to decorate the walls of the waiting room.

Materiale e taglio degli adesivi murali

The wall stickers are made of PVC adhesive. Plastic coating protects from UV rays and makes the adhesive more resistant to wear. The possible workings allow to obtain an effect to pre-spaced notch or a shaped cut of the printed subject.

Now create your custom wall stickers

On our e-commerce create stickers to personalize your business is fast and simple. In a few clicks you can choose the size, the cutting options and upload the file with the graphics that you want to print.


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