Signs to channel letters

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This is the scaffolding that supports the huge letters Insignia in channel letters!

Today we will talk about one type of advertising really “important”, sized challenging but essential to any large company, practically a business card: le Insegne a lettere scatolate!

They are produced by creating for each letter a “box” of galvanized steel with the shape of letter, che poi viene opportunamente verniciato con i colori del proprio brand, viene realizzato l’impianto elettrico con illuminazione a led per poi essere chiusa nella parte frontale con il Plexiglass opalino opportunamente ritagliato.

Given the size that these letters can reach (in the case of the example of the letters are high Outsideprint 2 and a half meters!) necessitano di una struttura veramente importante, these being subjected to wind and other environmental factors!

If you think a’Teach channel letters may be what your company needs to be recognized, pass on our e-shop, You will get what you are looking!


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