But how do they not come off those stickers walked on the floor?

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un esempio di percorso realizzato con gli adesivi calpestabili

an example of a path made with adhesives footed

Who knows how many times did you walk over to the adhesives walkable and ask how they can not be damaged.

Meanwhile, high resolution printing your files or your customization on a sticker monomeric and on top of the adhesive is applied to a specific rolling 125 gr. walkable. And 'this last, applied on a smooth, clean surface, allows a resistance to the walkway. In Addition To, being embossed, prevents sliding when a person steps on it.

Are excellent means of communication to be reckoned with, consider, for example the arrow keys or required paths within a station, of a fair or a supermarket. Permettono di comunicare un messaggio pubblicitario senza dover occupare spazio e senza dover ingombrare, as in shops from small sizes. Can be used to define areas within which stand, as post offices, in warehouses..

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