70 posters×100

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Manifesti 70x100

Questo può essere uno dei molteplici usi dei manifesti 70×100!

Today we will discuss all the possible variants of the 70 posters×100 and what you can find on our ecommerce!

All our posters 70×100 can be printed both on paper and on paper White Blue Back Back, with the natural consequences of the higher quality and price of the second and the most energy and ability to print first!

Those printed on Blue Back paper are perfect for outdoor advertising and advertising campaigns in the long-term and wide-ranging as those printed on White Back Card are perfect for retail outlets,it,shopping centers, fairs, congresses, GDO and to any place where there is no need to print high-quality interior!

If you also have interest in leaflets, Click below, you'll find everything you need!


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