Manifesto 50×70 white back

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Questo é l'effetto che la stampa ad altissima definizione dei Manifesti 50x70 white back arriva ad avere!

This is the effect that the printing of high-definition 50 posters×70 white back get to have!

Today we will talk about a new product, high quality: the posters 50×70 white back.

The White Paper Back is usually used for internal prints short-run or for prints on the outside but in very significant, as squares of large cities or capitals!

The print run is mandatory for low drying times and the print quality is very high, venendo stampati in risoluzione di 1440×1400 dpi.

If you are also interested in high quality prints, or you have a large company and you need advertising, take a walk on our e-commerce and procured the 50 posters×70 white back!

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