Companies today spend a lot of time and effort to try to implement a strategy multi-channel marketing successfull.

For multi-channel marketing or “multichannel marketing” means a direct communication policy to involve more consumers through many or all of the many online platforms like social and websites, platforms then integrated to more traditional means offline.

The multi channel marketing does in fact refer to a combination of very different channels together as the Web sites, Mobile marketing it, online catalogs on the site and the paper ones, but also the same physical stores and all the traditional advertising media such as radio or television.

The breakdown of the budget and strategy

companies, dunque, increasingly they need a multi-channel policy to grow and establish itself on the market.

The main objective is to be able to hit the most appropriate strategy to split your marketing budget by assessing the extent to distribute it through the channels taken into account.

The starting point in creating a good multi-channel marketing plan data analysis.

By analyzing how consumers move through the various channels, the company has the ability to understand how to divide the available resources to be effective; many different tools can be integrated creating personalized shopping experience for every consumer.

A common example of how an average user, nowadays, It may move between the various channels available: learns of a product through radio, It goes to inform themselves on Facebook or Instagram, He travels in the physical store to see the good and finally buys it on the online site.

Investing in multi channel strategy

As we have seen the consumer uses the channels made available by the company and automatically as needed.

Here, then, it becomes essential to devote proper attention to the analysis of a multi functional strategy to make the most of all communication channels, without risking to focus on little-used channels and the security of not nullify the investment dedicated to your advertising strategy.


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