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Esempio di espositore OUTDOOR POSTER

Esempio di espositore OUTDOOR POSTER

Noi di OUTSIDE Print siamo in grado di offrirti una vasta gamma di espositori di qualsiasi tipologia partendo dai roll-up, porta banner, banchetti, cavalletti, wall frames, bandiere arrivando a porta depliant e tanti altri. Ma oggi vogliamo suggerirti: OUTDOOR POSTER.

This type of double sided floor display is realized with the fixing system in the image shutter that ensures the maximum simplicity and speed in the replacement of the press.
And’ constituted by a gray plastic supporting base (chiamato tanica) fillable with water or sand that confers stability in case of wind.
The aluminum frame with round corners is fastened to the tank by means of a spring system that provides excellent flexibility and compensates for any thrusts, thus avoiding the overturning and breaking exhibitor.

The quick installation and the structure of this display make it ideal mainly in events, fairs, esposizioni e manifestazioni outdoor in genere.

Le stampe sono incluse (60×80 cm).

Do not miss the opportunity to try it, too, the exhibitor OUTDOOR POSTER!

Ecco come si presenta il prodotto nel nostro e-commerce. What aspects? Clicca sull’immagine per ordinarlo!

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