Pop up counter

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esempio di un espositore pop up counter con stampa e senza

example of a display pop up counter with and without printing

Among all the exhibitors the pop up counter is what allows you to have, over a wide exposure of your print, a useful work plan.

Ideal for trade shows and events, looks like a banquet promotional professional, from very good quality and very easy to install. With a pre-assembled structure folding, è facilmente apribile è resa stabile dalle bacchette incastrabili ad essa. The support surface, gloss black, is foldable in half thanks to a simple hinge is fitted on the lower part.

The print is fixed on the top and bottom of the structure thanks to an adhesive tape and the Velcro. In Addition To, you will find in the kit also two master magnetized on the vertical so that strive so perfect printing.

Included you will find included the printing of 94×205 cm customizable at will, and a convenient carrying bag.

Se non pensavi che potessero esserci un utile espositore come il pop up counter, go to our e-shop and buy it now.


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