Poster 70×100 BLUE BACK: volume discounts!

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When you want to achieve the posters for billboards apply externally is essential to choose the best support, both from the point of view of resistance that the quality.

By choosing to use a manifesto BLUE BACK 120g we have the safety of using a durable and resistant to weather and sunlight.
The carta Blue Back It is characterized by the back of the blue color that provides a coating effect to ensure full coverage of the previous posters, also it highlights the characteristics of the press itself.



Buying online on the store Outside Print manifesti Blue Back 70×100 get special discounts depending on the number of copies you choose to print: more molds less pay.

gives 1 a 20 pz = 1.00 €
gives 21 a 100 pz = 0.90 €
gives 101 pcs and over = 0.79 €

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