Posters high definition custom

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Questo é solo un minimo esempio dell'altissima qualità delal stampa dei Poster HD!

This is just an example of the very minimum quality delal printing Posters high definition custom!

This evening we will talk about a topic that has always been dear to us Outsideprin, Posters the high definition custom!

This type of prints, clearly not suitable for advertising uses given the quality and the cost, fits much better in places, as architectural firms or photographic studios, where the quality of the image is the main quality of a poster which has to boast! Printed at 1600dpi with our printers Mutho, we offer various size printing, from the tiny 15×15 the gargantuan 150×200 with the possibility to choose between matte paper by 200 grams or glossy by 260 while offering the possibility of getting a glossy or matte lamination monomeric!

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