Poster blue back

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Questo è lo splendido effetto di un poster 4x3 con carta blue back, perfetto per gli esterni!

This is the wonderful effect of a poster 4×3 con carta blue back, perfect for outdoor!

The product which we will now have two special: the size and the paper on which are printed! We're talking Posters blue back!

The peculiarity of the poster is the size 6 meters for 3 and 3 meters for 2, size really big, excellent for advertising outside especially as signs above the roads and highways!

Quella della carta blue back é che é molto economica ed è antispappolo resistente alle intemperie. Is used exclusively for the billboards and the press, despite the economy, is of good quality, with a resolution of 720p.

If you are also interested in large poster, good quality and affordable, pass on our e-shop, i Poster blue back I'm the one that's right for you!

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