For the graphic design of your print files there are some general rules to be treasured.

In fact to carry out the printing of flyers, business cards or large format posters making sure that these fulfill their task it is necessary to know the basics of visual communication. Even without being a professional graphic designer.

Let's see together 3 foundations which Outsideprint advises you to observe.


The choice of font is very important in your graphic design.

The font you will choose to use, infatti, it will greatly affect the success of your communication.

First thing first, the font must be readable.

Although many fonts may initially seem appealing and original, once inserted within the context they may be difficult to read or conflicting with the other graphic elements.

Opt for one clear font and remember to give fonts a suitable size.

Ad esempio, if you have to print large-format posters that will be posted, it is important that the text elements are legible even from a fair distance.


Visual design teaches us that the visual hierarchy of a graphic is an indispensable principle for obtaining the results we hope to obtain thanks to communication.

By visual hierarchy we mean “the specific organization of a graphic content designed to best communicate a message by exploiting the size and arrangement of the individual elements in space.”

As simply understandable, the elements of larger size they will be the first to be seen and taken into consideration by the human eye, which will gradually scroll towards the smaller elements.

So make the most of the visual hierarchy rules for direct the gaze of your audience to focus on the most important elements.


Always remember that simplicity is the best way to get straight to the point.

Filling the graphic space with many different elements can be counterproductive in most cases.

In fact, our brain tends to focus on a few things at a time, giving light to those it considers most important to obtain what its attention is seeking..

Make it yours minimalist communication does not mean making it less effective, far from it!

Focus your graphic design on the most important aspects and the messaggio that you want to convey, leaving at home all those elements that add no value. Pay maximum attention to the overall visual aspect to exploit the full potential of effective visual communication.

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